CLIENT | Screentime Productions

OUR ROLE | Sustainability Advisor

Marae DIY has been on Aotearoa TV screens for 15 years. During that time, kuia and kaumatua have told the camera they wish we could go back to the old ways of doing things; reconnecting with nature and taking better care of the whenua, wai and each other. Screentime Productions have engaged DONE as Sustainability Advisor to support marae whanau as they take steps towards this. In the current season, we have the pleasure of working with seven marae in various locations throughout Aotearoa, supporting mahi which allows the marae to be more self-sustaining, leave less impact, and regenerate their surroundings. We can’t share a great deal about the work until it hits the screens but watch this space to find out more!



CLIENT | Ngāi Tūhoe

OUR ROLE | Sustainability Advice and Process Guidance

We are delighted to have supported Tūhoe through the Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification process which led to Te Kura Whare becoming the first fully certified Living Building in the world outside of the USA.

The LBC is the world’s most stringent proven performance standard for buildings. The LBC comprises seven performance areas: site, water, energy, health, materials, equity and beauty. It requires significant effort from the client and project team to design, build and occupy a building which is net zero energy and water and which excludes toxic materials.

In 2011 Ngāi Tūhoe took on this challenge when they decided to create a building - Te Kura Whare - which would not only meet the rigorous requirements of the standard, but would also demonstrate their unwavering commitment to responsible development which respects the environment we co-exist with. We worked alongside a team from Tūhoe Te Uru Taumatua to review, collate and present the evidence required to prove compliance with the standard. We were grateful to join Tūhoe on this leg of an inspiring journey and appreciate the valuable insights we gained from participating in the process for the first time in New Zealand.



Client | Auckland Council

Our role | Project Management

Pest Management - it's about protecting beautiful creatures like these.

Pest management is an important tool in ensuring the continued abundance of New Zealand’s biodiversity, as well as a strong economy and a healthy society.

We project managed the development of Auckland Council’s Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan; a statutory document prepared under the Biosecurity Act for controlling pest plants, animals and pathogens in the region.

Auckland Council approved the plan in March, and we’re currently managing the Environment Court appeals process.


Te Tii Village Development

Client | Ngāi Tūhoe

Our role | Sustainable Development Management

Te Tii was created as a vibrant, central hub for Ruatāhuna, a remote village located at the heart of Tūhoe country. Te Tii stands to breathe new life into the village, to uplift and connect the local community. It anticipates the arrival of visitors to experience a Tūhoe way of life, to spend time in Ruatāhuna and be introduced to Te Urewera. The facility boasts an office building, general store, café, gas station, motel, radio station, laundry, market place, community garden and other inviting outdoor spaces.

Within our Sustainable Development Management role, we looked towards the project as a vehicle to connect and enrich the human community and the environment. Every opportunity for community contribution, upskilling, capacity building and leadership advancement was pursued. A highlight was connecting over 20 dedicated local workers with contractors and seeing their skills and confidence develop. From this group; two people undertook carpentry apprenticeships and seven were promoted during the course of the project as a reflection of their enhanced skills. Local marae hosted contractors travelling from out of town, and children and pakeke (elders) were involved throughout.

Tūhoe continue to lead in their approach to sustainability by excluding toxic building materials from the complex, generating energy by way of solar panels and day-lighting adjacent streams to improve the environment for fish. The on-site waste-water treatment system not only treats waste from the new facility, it ties in six neighboring homes which replaces individual septic tanks reliance with a communal solution.

This truly was a community project – and a pleasure to be a part of.



Client | Auckland Council

Our role | Project Management

Water. It’s our most valuable resource. As the human population grows, so too does our water use. Currently, we’re using water much faster than our supply can support. By 2030 it is estimated that half the world will be living in high water stress areas. That’s why we need to take the best possible care of the water we do have access to.

Luckily, there’s a team within Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters division called Waiora Partnerships who empower Auckland’s community with the projects and programmes they take on to improve water quality, protect from further damage and encourage ownership of this collective issue.

Waiora Partnerships work with Auckland’s 21 local boards to deliver around 300 community led projects per year. The team asked DONE to complete an independent review of their way of working and design an improved process which maximises the potential for high quality outcomes.


Ellerslie Motorway Barrier

CLIENT | Ellerslie Healthy Environment Society

OUR ROLE | Provision of advice regarding resource management legislation and policy in NZ

We supported the Ellerslie Healthy Environment Society in their bid for a motorway barrier along the Ellerslie stretch of the southern motorway to address long-standing noise and safety concerns.

Local residents had noticed an increase in road noise over time, particularly following the widening of the north bound lanes at the Ellerslie Panmure interchange.

We reviewed technical planning documents and provided advice on strategies to address the issue. Construction is now underway and we're thrilled to have been part of a team that has contributed to such a positive step forward for the health and happiness of the Ellerslie community.


Te Ohu 2018 - People, Land Kinship 

CLIENT | The Living Future Collaborative New Zealand and Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua

OUR ROLE | Co-design 

We had the pleasure of co-designing an event with Tūhoe - Te Uru Taumatua and the Living Future Collaborative New Zealand; Te Ohu 2018: People, Land, Kinship – Our Living Future which was held in Tāneatua, Bay of Plenty in February 2018. 120 people gathered from around the world for the four day live-in event. The focus of Te Ohu was to explore philosophes, principles, purpose and concepts to guide the design and development of future Tūhoe village communities, within the broader ecosystem.  

It was a unique exchange between manuhiri (visiting participants) and Tūhoe. Tūhoe shared their innate expertise and philosophies for living in unity with the natural world and each other and demonstrated their exceptional hospitality by hosting manuhiri across four marae throughout the event. Manuhiri brought an eclectic mix of expertise and experience in the development of living buildings, co-housing, food production, regenerative development, beekeeping, education, governance and landscape architecture to name only a few. Trustworthy participants willingly hopped on buses to locations throughout the Tūhoe region without knowing where they were heading, and engaged in nature experiences and workshops. 

It was a whirlwind adventure which deeply impacted those who participated. The feedback we've heard which best summed up the four days: 

"I saw hope in engineers who were willing to listen, spiritualists who were willing to think, elderly who were willing to change and children who were willing to embrace tradition." 



Client | Auckland Council

Our role | Specialist Sustainability Advice and Programme Review

We were commissioned by Auckland Council to provide strategic advice, project management and facilitation support to the Environmental Services Unit.

This involved several projects including:

+ reviewing the Eco Design Advisory Service to ensure future delivery reaches a wide audience and meets intended strategic objectives

+ advising on the team's low carbon living strategy

+ leading a team of analysts assessing feedback on the Natural Environment Targeted rate through the Long Term Plan and

+ project management of subsequent local board engagement regarding implementation of enhanced environmental programmes supported by the rate.

residential consents.jpg


Clients | Multiple

Our role | Preparation of resource consent application and Assessment of Environmental Effects

We are currently working on several consent applications for a range of clients in the public and private sectors. Our services include reviewing the Certificate of Title and Council property file, liaising with Council planners and specialists, coordinating other specialists (e.g. heritage, arborist, architect) assessment of the proposals against Auckland Planning documents, and preparation of a resource consent application and assessment of environmental effects.